Tribute to Soosh Matix

We lost a friend and a brother just the other day. Tendai Maswiswi, words can never say it. Zimbabwe and Zambia have lost a king. Zim music will never be the same. Zorora murugare bhururu.

1. Soosh Matix - You Gone Now feat Dee
2. D.S & Soosh - It's Gonna Get Betta
3. Soosh Matix - Close Ur Eyes
4. Soosh - Move Back
5. D.S & Soosh - Clueless
6. Soosh Matix - Fingers Up feat Method X (Squeeky Clean Mix) 
7. Ex-xel - Do You Know ft Soosh, D.S & Q-Rigga
8. D.S & Soosh - Two of Us
9. Soosh Matix - Feelin Like (snippet, 2011 release) 
10. Soosh Matix - LSK Holla Back

Rest in Peace Tendai Maswiswi a.k.a Soosh Matix. We will miss you bro.