#11 - XBC Top 12 (Original air date 22.03.2009)

***This is a rebroadcast***


12. Madiz - Kazevezeve featuring Abisha Makombe 
11. Winky D - Vanotaura 
10. Tongai Moyo - Kukanda Nekuvhika 
09. Plaxedes Wenyika - Rudo Rwako (Remix) featuring Kevie 
08. Munetsi - MaResults 
07. Doggface - Bango 
06. Huya Mudiwa 
05. Buffalo Soldier - Bubble Ur Bummz 
04. Tererai Mugwadi - I Would, I Will 
03. Maccix Flo - NdiMaccix 
02. Uniq - Mubhedha 
01. ExQue - Mupewo Rudo ft Leonard Mapfumo & MacDee

After a short time away the XBC team is back and we are keeping up to date with the music as we bring you our first countdown of 2009. Be sure to catch the new jams (eg from ExQue's latest release) and the tracks bubbling under (not listed on the playlist but they are slotted in there somewhere!) IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!