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Radio Kunakirwa


Zimbabwe's best music podcast - New episode every 2 weeks


So… what is Radio Kunakirwa all about?

Radio Kunakirwa began in 2007 as 'XBC Jumpoff' with the aim of creating a platform to discover the best in Zim music. A lot of Zimbabweans stereotype Zim music simply because they don't know the depth of what's out there. This is why Radio Kunakirwa exists; to challenge those stereotypes and give a more accurate view of what Zimbabwean music really sounds like. This is why we want you to listen to at least one of our podcast episodes. 

We focus on different youthful genres centred mostly around Zim afrobeats, afropop, Zim hip hop, house and Zimdancehall. Every now and again, we sprinkle a bit of the rest.

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