#6 - Steady kutaura taura: iva munhu anehana

Zvakanaka kuva aware of where you are and who with to make sure whatever you say cannot and will not be used agenest you!

Dzimwe nguva we randomly give details of the happenings in our lives innocently. Pane chakaipa here mukuudza vamwe zviri kuitika muhupenyu hwako? On the surface of it... No. Katori ka1 but sometimes it is not the wisest move. This is not to say munhu wese who shares their private lives with vamwe is doing it for the wrong reasons BUT it can become a regrettable situation especially if you do not calculate your moves well in consideration of where you are and who you are saying it to (eg kubasa and having a chat with work collegues). We look into that a bit more on this week's show...

Songs played:
*Jonathan - Ndayeredzwa feat Rudo Musiwacho (produced by Ahsayn The Beatmaker)
*Cindy Munyavi - Summertime
*Sanii Makhalima - Ndimbundire

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