#5 - The challenges of raising vana muDiaspora

It is hard enough raising kids. Now... contextualize that and imagine how much harder it is to raise those kids in a country other than your own where each day feels like you are forever trying to learn the ropes, fit in and there are so many challenges? As Zimbabweans vakawanda vedu zvinhu zvakatiomera and that does not stop us from wanting to give our kids the very best. We do try. How important is it kuisa culture yedu at the forefront of our methods in raising vana? Chinotikonesa chii? Where can we improve? We also have some special guests to help us with their views on the challenges we face as Zimbos in raising vana muDiaspora.

Songs played:
*Soul Afrika - Kanhamba
*Tkae Chidz - Nhamba Yedu ft Peekay
*Xtra Large - Kandishungurudza ft Goodchild

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