#4 - Juggling chikoro nekuenda kuGraft

When it comes to balancing work nekuenda kuchikoro, especially muDiaspora, one usually suffers at the expense of the other. Should it be so?

The illusion that money presents while pursuing studies brings an interesting conundrum to the table. Kuenda kuchikoro often seems a waste concerning time and especially when looking at the cost (eg in the case of tertiary education such as university which can be very expensive). The immediate benefit is never quite apparent just as much as the eventual one. Izvi zvinokonzera drop outs, pursuing other 'fun' careers, not focusing on studies or getting involved in get-rich-quick schemes. If you are faced with the choice, before making your decision, consider that school and work CAN be balanced albeit with some self-sacrifice. Hard to do, yes! Doable, yes! Saka chimboteererai tirumane nzeve. Zano marairanwa!

Songs played:
*Kupfuwa - Mari Yako Chete
*gT - Mare feat Tricky T & Mugo
*Shingirayi Mau Mau - Ndingatyei
*Zyon Black - Rova Ngoma

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