#1 - Ruvengo or Criticism?

So... Chyll & MJ are back with something new and different with that Zimbabwean inclination! Tanga tamborova... So what is the Passport yeGreen podcast about? It's about empowering each other as Zimbos nemazano especially out here in the diaspora where it can be very tough and challenging! We put issues concerning anything and everything about being Zimbabwean on the table through an engaging discussion picking the brain share knowledge, opinions and ideas. Some of these issues may be apparent and obvious to some, but many of us have gone through times where we needed a nudge to push us on to the right path. Zvinhu zvakaoma for many of us Zimbos and our input as a community world wide can build better Zimbos by the day. This may not be a music podcast but we do play some hot new Zim music here and there... because we can!!!! Enjoy...

Tracks played:
*Jonathan - Chii Ko? (produced by Ahsayn The Beatmaker)
*Sharonrose Manhiri - Mudiwa wemwoyo
*Elliot & Yaka - Kamura Runako

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