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Radio Kunakirwa is the first Zimbabwean music podcast online and our doors opened in 2007. We had very little idea of what podcasts would become at the time but we decided to give them a try. With our background in online terrestrial radio, we had a lot of requests from listeners to start our own thing. We knew we didn't have the time and resources to establish a radio station but we discovered these awesome things called podcasts. Pretty much radio on demand. The rest is obviously history but 11 years later, we are still here and proud of what Radio Kunakirwa has become. Enjoy this journey with us and explore the best in Zimbabwean music.

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Zimbabwe’s music scene has changed and will keep on moving forward, but one thing that needs to change at a faster pace is accessibility. Zim music is not as easily accessible as it can and should be! 

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The T-Shirts

You probably came across those "Handidye Sadza Kumba Kwenyu" tees in the last few years, right? We made those... then the bootleggers did their thing but you know how Zim goes. You create something and someone hijacks the idea. We were hurt but that story for another day. If you want to wear THE ORIGINAL Handidye Sadza Kumba Kwenyu tees, click the link below and buy yours now. It would mean a lot and would help us pay the bill for this website. Chokwadi. 


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The Documentary

This was about 8 years ago... A video documentary of Team Kunakirwa's journey across Zimbabwe talking to various musicians and producers alike to highlight the state of Zimbabwean music. We decided to put faces to the voices that entertain us from within the borders and talked to a number of artists about their music and the issues they face in the entertainment industry. The good part? This is just random footage, all unplanned but put together to tell a story.