Radio Kunakirwa is a non-profit Zimbabwean music podcast dedicated to promoting local talent through entertaining podcasts and an engaging blog. We believe in there is a renaissance happening in Zimbabwe. We want to celebrate it because it has the potential to become an internationally recognised force. By bringing the music of Zimbabwe to the ears of its people far and wide, we come as a benefit both fans and artists alike. Our job is to make sure the talent is heard and appreciated.





This is what we are about

'Kunakirwa' is about being bold. It is not a word you take at face value, but a statement of intent. It is a mantra about taking charge, going beyond what is expected and having a bloody good time while at it. Kunakirwa is a podcast; Radio Kunakirwa. Kunakirwa is whatever you want it to be.

Ndiwe. Ndini. Ndisu.


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Kunakirwa Diaries

Kunakirwa Diaries came about as a way to put faces to the amazing Zim artists that gave us the music we listen to daily. In this episode, Zimbabwean R'n'B sensation TK Paradza took time from his busy schedule to have a chat with Team Kunakirwa. We got to know more about TK as a person and his endevours in chasing the musical dream. This interview happened just before he became part of the award winning New Zealand group Titanium.


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